Education is a multifaceted activity and depends a great deal on the culture and ethnicity prevailing in a country. This is the reason why no two education systems or policies are the same across the globe with each being defined by the conditions prevailing in that location. Education methods in say Finland will be vastly different from that of Germany even though both countries happen to be on the same continent. While one may focus on classroom learning the other may stress more on extra curricula activities as a form of teaching.

We at edu4bharat.com bring to our readers the many sides of education. Our blog spot is focussed on making visitors to our site aware of the different education processes prevailing across the world.

However, we also understand that this is no easy matter. Collecting and collating prevailing information about educations methods and systems is a Herculean task. This is why we invite blogs from those who are working in this field or interested in the education process of that country. You can write about public school education systems or that of private schools. You can write about higher education and the colleges or institutions that excel in a particular branch of study and draws students from all parts of the world. Such information will be of immense help to our readers.

While the scope of writing on education is almost limitless, we give a few examples to get you going. You can focus on courses offered by institutions and Universities at your location that are exclusive and unique. You can also concentrate on the programs that are offered by some leading colleges in your country.

We would also invite blogs on online courses. The modern digital environment has brought education literally to the doorsteps of those who want to advance career opportunities yet cannot spare the time to take up full time career enhancing courses. Online learning is the only option for them and we invite learned and authoritative content in this genre.

Any topic is acceptable by us for publishing on our blog site provided it is related to the education niche.